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How many keywords should I use for the Amazon ad?

Apr 12

What is an appropriate number of keywords? When you are setting up your Amazon PPC campaigns, every Amazon Seller has this question on their mind. The majority of Amazon sellers believe that volume over quality is the most effective strategy when it comes to keywords - that is entirely untrue. The right balance must be struck between the quantity and quality of keywords.

Find out the number of keywords you should use in an Amazon Ad and what factors you need to consider when selecting your keywords in today's article. If you are currently looking for Amazon PPC management services to handle PPC campaigns, check out Urtasker. 

Set a budget for your Amazon PPC campaign

It is imperative that you decide upon your budget before you can add keywords. The campaign budget should be set in a way in which you will receive impressions for each of the keywords in your campaign. Too low a budget means you are unlikely to receive impressions on a number of your keywords. This is due to the fact that your campaign would run out of funds before they were used.

In an alternate situation, if you allocate a large budget to your campaign but include many keywords, you will be forced to divide the money among your keywords in an unfair manner. Approximately 40 % of the desired keywords will get the opportunity to be displayed, and the remainder is not shown at all.

There are limitations to the amount of money you can spend. Setting the budget for your Amazon PPC Campaigns entirely depends on the amount you can afford to spend. Estimate the overall costs associated with your business, then determine how much you are prepared to devote to amazon ppc consultants

Budgets can vary between $20 and $50 for campaigns, but generally speaking, they fall between those limits. Those with bigger budgets on Amazon may even invest $100 or more per campaign in order to get effective results. Depending on the phase of your product life cycle, you will spend a different amount on your advertising campaigns.

What is the optimal number of keywords?

Do you have a daily budget for the campaign? You can then find out approximately the number of keywords you can conceivably include in each campaign with the help of this method. For any advertising campaign, you can determine the exact number of keywords by using the following formula.

Number of keywords = (Daily Campaign budget / Estimated CPC in each product category)

With the aid of the above formula, it is easy for you to determine your keyword "constraints." It is very important that you find out the average CPC of the Products you sell. Once you have determined how much you want to spend per day, it is a simple matter of dividing that by the average CPCs of the product. With this method, you can set up your campaign as many times as you like, and every keyword will be displayed in the campaign.

You may find estimated CPCs in a variety of ways, including with Amazon PPC Automatic Campaigns for analyzing your niche. For research purposes, Amazon's automatic campaigns are excellent since you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. If you allocate a reasonable budget each day on Amazon, over time, it will present you with keyword suggestions, as well as their average CPCs.

What does keyword dumping mean? 

For each ad group, a maximum of 1000 keywords may be added. Is this a recommendation or not? Absolutely not! It is a fact that keyword dumping or adding too many keywords isn't effective for your SEO rankings; a vicious cycle of keyword dumping results in vicious "whacking a mole" scenarios.

Let's say that you are planning to add 1000 keywords to each of your Ad campaigns. There is definitely no way that you can cover them all with the budget that you have. In this case, how does Amazon handle this situation? With respect to the first 100 keywords you are going to advertise, Amazon will attempt to allocate impressions. The first 100 keywords will be provided to you, and you will get the data with which to optimize your campaign. If you continue to optimize only a small portion of total keywords while Amazon keeps switching your budget between them, as a result, you will become trapped in a vicious cycle.

Possible solutions? In one ad group of one campaign, you should limit the number of targets you have to a maximum of 100. A reasonable time frame must be given for optimizing your bids.

How many keywords are optimal?

How many keywords are the most appropriate to include in a campaign? There is no definitive solution to this question since it depends on the seller. The response will vary based on your position within the lifecycle of the product. It may even be different depending on the product itself. Generally, it is recommended to add 50 to 100 keywords to each ad group and campaign, based on the experience of many sellers. The result is a better-managed campaign.

The quality of your work is more significant than the quantity, so keep this in mind. Try to determine the top 100 keywords that are relevant to your business. You want to make sure your Amazon PPC spends are optimized.

What is the right budget to use for a campaign?

What is the most effective way to set a campaign budget that is appropriate for your campaign? As a result, your initial budget has already been used for several advertisement campaigns. As time passes on, you may come to realize that this budget is not ideal. Ideally, you want to ensure that all your funds are evenly distributed among your keywords.

It is simple to determine the most appropriate campaign budget. In order to determine how many keywords you require, you need to adjust the formula provided.

Daily Campaign budget = Number of keywords * Estimated CPC in each product category.

Once you know that a campaign should have about 100 keywords, you can incorporate that into the formula. Ensure that the daily budget you set covers all your objectives, whether they are keyword or product objectives. Find the perfect daily budget for your auto campaign by multiplying the estimated CPCs by 100 targets.


It can be stressful trying to figure out how to set up a PPC campaign on Amazon. We did provide you with a list of optimal keywords per campaign according to our experience, and this was based on OUR assumptions.

Amazon PPC differs so much from one seller to another that it's interesting to watch how each varies its strategies. One way to prevent this from happening to you is to use Amazon PPC management software to handle all the work for you on your behalf. The benefit of automating your PPC campaigns is that you will completely eliminate the possibility of human error and ensure maximum success overall.