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Avoid Costly Mistakes By Hiring a Professional B2B Panel Company

Nov 9

B2B Surveys are one of the best strategies businesses can use to keep up with the competition. Unfortunately, some businesses lack what it takes to leverage this tool to benefit their ventures. This is why working with a highly qualified B2B Panel Company like Slice MR in your survey efforts is best. We use our vast knowledge to ensure you sidestep costly mistakes that could compromise your business goals and objectives. Some of the mistakes we can help you avoid include the following:

Only Talking to Current Customers

The effectiveness of your survey depends on the customer base you can reach. If you want to understand satisfaction, researching the existing customers only will be a good move. However, your B2B survey needs a broader research scope, and that’s where our Online Panel Companies come in. We utilize strategies that help you reach more customers so that you can understand trends in the market, market insights, and your competitive position.


Over-surveying might seem like a good way to obtain more data, but it’s not always the best idea. Instead, our company will help you conduct a focused study so that you have the time to address issues fielded from the survey. This way, you’ll be able to conduct your B2B Surveys more effectively to meet your objectives.

Being too Specific

One of the costly mistakes business owners make is trying to define everything and assess all possible options. Unfortunately, it leads to wordy questions that require lengthy responses. Such questions put off the target audience, leading to lower response rates and poor data quality. That’s why working with one of the best Online Panel companies is crucial. We will leverage different survey tools to achieve your B2B survey objectives while maintaining the integrity of the responses.

Only Focusing on Quantitative Data

Some businesses only focus on the scores and response rates they get from their surveys. Unfortunately, that means not focusing on insights that drive improvements. Our team will help you avoid this mistake by providing a qualitative explanation of the data yielded from the survey. This way, you’ll be able to understand your ratings and decide on the right course of action to enhance your operations.

B2B surveys are a significant investment, so you have to make sure you’re getting the best out of the project. You can achieve this by working with our Survey Panels of Slice MR, one of the best online panel companies. Reach out to the experts today to learn how we can assist you with customer retention and generating more leads.

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