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The Importance of Working in a Coworking Space

Jan 7

The world of work and the way to reconcile it, the new spaces and the reality of the different sectors have made what was not very common before become something common. We talk about coworking spaces.

We can speak highly of this concept, since our "offices" are probably located in one of the most important and beautiful coworking spaces in Yerevan, Madrid, Paris, etc.

Although it is true that not everyone is still too clear about what it is about, deep down it is a simple concept that allows the synergy of different types of professionals and sectors, something that makes these spaces become authentic bombs of creativity. and collaboration between freelancers, startups, businessmen, etc.

Large collaborative projects in the same space

As a general rule, the type of companies or professionals that usually make use of these spaces is related to the Internet universe, online marketing, new technologies, and in our case, programmatic purchase. This greatly favors the interaction between the different sectors, achieving progress and collaborations.

But beware, it is not just about working in a space where expenses can be shared, it is the perfect place to exchange ideas, create projects and above all generate a collaboration that could not be born in any other way.

In the last five years, the coworking trend has grown at an impressive speed in Spain and not only. It is a concept that continues to develop, not only in our country but in the rest of the world, where the appearance of these spaces doubles every year in any corner of the planet.

Humanization of work and feeling of community

Numerous common projects between companies have emerged from these spaces, sometimes becoming true business centers that also have the "care" of the managers of said spaces who facilitate and organize different events and meetings for their users.

A space of this type allows a feeling of community to be created, social activity is much better and we can even talk about a humanization of work, by sharing the same space with different people that has been lost in business centers for a long time.

The perfect solution to avoid the isolation that work routines generate for us. So if you have been thinking about looking for a space of this type for a long time, from Placebo Media we encourage you to definitely embark on the coworking adventure, you will not regret it.