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Title IX Lawyer For Students

May 31

A Title IX Lawyer Normal represents students accused of sexual harassment and assault. They help students navigate the school's disciplinary hearing and investigation process.

These processes rely on the preponderance evidence standard. This means that the panel needs only to believe you likely committed the offence. This can put the respondent into an unfair position.

Reporting Violations

Many students are wrongly accused of Title IX violation and need an attorney to represent them. The law protects alleged victims of sexual misconduct and discrimination in any school program that receives federal funds.

This includes programs like forestry classes, boater courses, state department of labor courses on how to start your own business and local government disaster preparedness classes. This includes programs at colleges and universities, such as athletic teams, student clubs, fraternities, sororities and other groups.

Most schools, colleges, and universities have strict Title IX policies because they must uphold the law or lose federal funding. They must investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and discipline the students appropriately. Even minor Title IX violations, such as verbal harassment or stalking, can result in severe penalties. In some cases, the school may require a respondent to agree to "no contact" orders that can interfere with their daily lives and prevent them from participating in certain campus activities such as socializing with friends or playing in student organizations or intramural sports.


While the Supreme Court has emphasized that Title VII and Title IX are separate enforcement mechanisms, individuals may use both statutes to attack discriminatory practices. In general, individuals can choose the federal agency to which they will submit their complaint.

The CRRA included a definition of 'program or activities' that was broad and inclusive. It covered any operation receiving federal funding, regardless if it was covered by Title IX, Title VI or Section 504 of the Age Discrimination Act.

In order to determine whether Title IX has been violated, the recipient must review all of its policies. Logic and the agencies expertise on the core purposes of the recipients education programs and activities argue in favor of funding agencies having jurisdiction over these broader complaints. For example a department contracts with a company to teach welding to prisoners. If the program is a Title IX-compliant program, the department may be liable for discrimination against female inmates by the contractor employees.


Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in schools, colleges, universities, and other education programs that receive federal funding. It's an expansive prohibition that covers a wide range of violations including sexual harassment, assault and other types.

These rules also allow anyone who feels they were harassed or abused to file a complaint against an accused student or school employee. The process can be lengthy and exhausting. A lot of time is spent on investigations and in hearings.

You must be very careful when you speak during an investigation. Any statements you make can be used to your detriment at the hearing. To present a convincing defense, it's important to gather as much information as possible.

Our Alexandria, VA Title IX attorneys have helped many students accused of sexual misconduct or assault obtain findings in their favor or reduced sanctions. They have also filed lawsuits on behalf students who suffered retaliation or lost their reputation due to Title IX proceedings.


Many colleges and universities will allow students to appeal decisions in Title IX cases, if either the complainant or respondent feels they have been unfairly treated. These procedures are based in federal guidelines. Schools need to adhere to high standards when it comes to due process.

However, some schools will try to rush through investigations, leaving out exculpatory evidence or failing to provide the accused with opportunity to present their side of the story. This can lead unfair outcomes, especially when it is about sanctions like no-contact orders which restrict the ability of a child to attend school or join fraternities and sisters.

Joseph Lento has built his career on representing students in Title IX cases, so he is up to date on the latest interpretations of the law and knows how schools work. He can use these skills to defend against sexual assault charges and other campus harassment accusations that could ruin your academic life.

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